Wonderous Wednesday

After the rain and blustery weather of yesterday, todays sunshine and brightness was very welcome. We had a brilliant time with a whole load of enthusiastic, independent, imaginative engaged children today.

Using foraged black berries to tie dye some fabric over their fire was fantastic, as was the amazing team work, persistence and dedication to a whole variety of den making activities.

There was a brilliant team of woods collectors who have nearly filled our dry woods store. We nearly couldn't keep up with their energy and enthusiasm for sawing!

The rest of the time was spent climbing, swinging, painting, eating lunch, balancing, tying knots and the children even made their own swing.

Along with such brilliant creations and ideas the children all have, one of the true wonders for us to observe is the friendships they are making, sustaining, developing and revelling in.

Forest School provides the space to facilitate these connections with themselves and others. The ethos of creating a respectful and nurturing atmosphere builds their resilience and confidence and nurtures them as individuals. So we feel again uplifted after another day of marvelling at the children in their independent, self-directed play, work, development and learning. Forest School allows them all to have a space in the woods to thrive in.