"Right that is it, we are off out to play in the woods….and we'd like to take some people with us."

Having spent over thirty years playing and learning by doing in the Sawpit Woods and fields on the farm where we grew up... we thought that now we are grown-ups, we'd like to carry on that playing and exploring in the very same woods with others. 

Sawpit Woods CIC was co-founded by Lou and Em Munn in 2019.  The organisation and its ethos came from a passion for bringing the benefits of spending time outdoors to others.

The organisation was set up as a natural progression from our experience and expertise in Forest School leadership, outdoor learning and environmental education,  art and early years teaching, expeditions and charity work. We are particularly influenced by our time with Forest School Camps and by the land and environment around us, on the farm where we lived as children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the space to experience connections with others, self and the natural environment. We aim to provide enriching, fun and creative experiences for all generations in reciprocal relationship with the land.

Our work is motivated by a deep concern for the need to build human-nature connection and a belief in the restorative powers and joy that spending time in the woods can bring.

Our Aims & Beneficiaries

Our company aims to provide connective experiences in woodland throughout the circle of the year. We work for the benefit of people of all ages and for the benefit of the natural environment around us. The experiences strive to build self-esteem, confidence, resilience and joy along with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by being connected to nature. Through our work, we aim to build community and foster connection to self, others and nature, in a mutually beneficial relationship with the land. 

We tread lightly on the land, supporting biodiversity enhancement by sustainably managing the woodland habitats in partnership with the farm management team. This provides opportunities for people to learn about, engage with and conserve the natural environment.

So bring on facilitating fun and open ended, creative learning experiences through play, exploration and nature connection.  If you have skills or knowledge, collaborative intentions or enthusiasm, then please get in touch to find out more.



Who we are, how we got here and what connections we have with the Sawpit Woods...

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CIC Co-Director and Forest School Leader

As a Co-Founder and CO-Director of Sawpit Woods CIC, Lou has been practicing and delivering Forest School sessions and creative outdoor exploring and playing for the past 10 years in various school and woodland settings. She trained and practiced as an art teacher after gaining a textile design degree. Through various twists and turns Lou ended up working with brilliant small people in the Early Years, which she continues to do alongside her work with Sawpit Woods CIC. She has QTS, EYPS, Forest School level 3 training, Paediatric and Outdoor first aid qualifications. Her passions include facilitating the freedom to explore and play, along with creativity and ‘learning by doing’ with stuff that you find around you. As such the woods is a natural workplace for her. Louise facilitates our weekly After School Clubs, Parent and Child sessions and Holiday Clubs throughout the year.

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CIC Co-Director and Forest School Leader

With 9 Years of Environmental education charity practice and a Diploma in outdoor education and Forest School Level 3 training, Em is a Co-founder and Co-Director of Sawpit Woods CIC. She is a Forest School Leader at our weekly After School Club.



Forest School Leader

Ros has been supporting with Forest School activities in Sawpit Woods for St Mary’s Primary School Forest School for 3 years. Her Forest School journey all started in 2019 at an agricultural show, when she visited the Plumpton College marquee with her grandchildren. While they were engrossed in the children’s activities she saw an advertisement for Forest school training at the college, and signed up, completing some of her training in Sawpit Woods. As a secondary school teacher, now retired, Ros has always been passionate about getting students out into the field to study Geography and Ecology.  Ros has spent many weeks with students leading treks, training and assessing D of E expeditions.

"Forest School with its holistic approach to learning is giving me a wonderful opportunity to share my love of the outdoor classroom with a new generation of young people".



Forest School Leader

Steph qualified as a Level 3 Forest School Leader in 2015 through her work as an Engagement Tutor for an Environmental Learning Charity. Recently she has spent two years leading the Forest School provision for children aged 2-7 years old at Ardingly College. 
A mum to 4 year old Ida, together they are looking forward to getting to know Sawpit Woods and all the children that will be playing with us!

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Forest School Assistant

We have worked with Abi 'Dormouse' delivering Forest School sessions for the past 2 years locally. Abi has a calm and gentle approach to supporting children through her great knowledge of plants and trees and her wonderful curiosity for finding things in the woods, like animal skulls and bird wings! She has a history of woodland management and has the practical skills to have built Forest School shelters and ponds amongst other things! She is currently working towards completing her level 3 Forest School Practitioners qualification. Abi works with us as a Forest School assistant for our Holiday Club sessions.

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Forest School Assistant

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. Natalie has years of experience working with children both in and outside schools and supports individual needs brilliantly. She has a Paediatric first aid qualification. When she's not supporting numerous children, you will find Natalie tinkering with steam fired traction engines. She completed her Forest School Level 2 training in 2019 and brings an air of calm capability to the woods. And she also makes a cracking fire. Natalie is currently growing a baby, so is taking a break from the woods and will hopefully be back soon with a small one!




We are lucky enough to have some fantastic volunteers, who give their time, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm freely and wonderfully to supporting and facilitating sessions and projects in Sawpit Woods. We have welcomed D of E participants who have volunteered at our weekly After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs throughout the year. And we also welcome teenage volunteers at our sessions for extra support and to enable them to continue their connection to the woods and build valuable skills and confidenc. So if you are 12 - 80+, or anywhere in-between and you would like to volunteer; we would love to hear from you at 



Woodland management and all round support for the woods and the team

Pete built our shelter and our fantastic hazel woven woodshed! Following the interests and engagement of the children at our after school club, he designed and constructed a bridge over the stream with them, in the dark over the winter! With a history in landscape gardening (including a Chelsea Flower Show medal), working with adults and children with additional needs through gardening projects and many years of voluntary charity work outdoors, Pete is integral to the overall support of managing Sawpit Woodland and the new Children's Forest we have planted. He is often found wandering the woods, coppicing, tree tending, owl box building, and generally having a good think about his next practical project outdoors. He does all this whilst observing and spotting wildlife and the farm environment. As he says: "That is nature that is".




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