Autumn Equinox

This week the morning mist has hung and been slow to rise, as we have reached the Autumn Equinox and the turning of the seasons with the brief balance of light and dark.

Our session with #TheGoodCompanyPeople this week started creatively with decorating pots inspired by plants and flowers and imagination. The pots were donated from a play therapist friend, who uses them in her practice, but who had thought of us. They were made by a potter, who had had to stop making and creating in their workshop. The vessels were biscuit fired, unglazed pots which still had beauty and potential to be used creatively with others.

The activity of mindful drawing supported conversations and stories of memories, family, travel and adventures past. We connected through our creative activity to talk openly and honestly about how it feels at times to live with memory loss. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to start to build meaningful connections with the lovely ladies we have supported as guests. We will be continuing the pilot with The Good Company People in October and November and beyond.

The afternoons brought sunshine and warmth and a collecting instinct. The Autumn leaves have started to turn and were collected with interest by the children. We created a flower and leaf press in the woods with card and some heavy logs to press them!

We have another brilliant teenage volunteer supporting us with our after school adventures, as part of her Bronze D of E challenge. The children loved having another 'big' person around to meet and laugh and play with. Armed with litter pickers, the children set about cleaning up their natural environment on their way to the woods. They sadly, or brilliantly collected a whole bag of rubbish. Then the children set off for their own adventures in den building, swinging, balancing, collecting dead wood, bridge adapting, clay making, drawing and exploring and building friendships through their play.

Our tiniest children created with clay. By adding sticks they came up with their own creations, which we baked dry on the fire. We then shared a couple of hours drinking tea and gently exploring the woodland together.