After School Magic

It has been a long time since we could be out there with our lovely group of children after school, so today was a delight!

On the Autumnal Equinox, we set off in the late summer sun towards the woods. You might think the children might be tired after a long day at school, but they practically ran the couple of miles from school to the woods.

Once there, they snacked and took to the tools. There was digging for clay and mixing it, sawing marrows, elder and hazel. Drilling elder and oak was fun also. It is so great to see how the children have developed their confidence and skill with using tools throughout their years in the woods.

The products of their play and craftsmanship were a bucket full of clay ready to be sculpted, an oak medal, an elder snake and a 'dragon' staff.

It was great to hear their favourite parts of the session. "playing with my friends" , "drilling a hole right through the woods", "sawing that pole of wood in half" and "watching you loose a saw blade in a marrow!" Whatever; we enjoyed, the smiles, talking and the evident enjoyment was brilliant.

See you all next week!