Woodland Wednesday

With a light dusting of yesterdays snow on the ground and a chill in the air, we set off in beautiful sunshine to the fields. The children played 'Fire in the Forest', imagining they were woodland creatures and running to escape capture and turning into trees when they were.

This led us to our new 'Children's Forest' space, where the group helped to light the fire from a single spark and learned how to carry the fire on a fungi to our Sawpit Woodland space.

With a fire, hats and food for warmth the day continued. The children had a drink of birch sap at the woodland cafe, from a tapped birch tree, drawn from the rising sap.

They developed a miniature woodland scene of tree, plants and animals in the woodland and listened to stories of the land and the pioneer birch trees.

They made a wish for the future of forests as they planted some trees in the new woodland space and delighted in sharing just how many they had planted!

Another lovely day of creation, exploration, play and connections with each other and the land.