We’ve lost an hour

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It’s that clock changing time of year. It seems that it’s not really going to affect my daily schedule. But it does mean we’ve lost an hour of being locked down. So that’s all good.

Things I’ve learned this week...

a) being a single parent living in the middle of nowhere has prepared me well for being socially distanced.

I am very much looking forward to seeing my children later on today. My boy has been frustrated throughout this year, by not yet being 18. He’s missed out on countless evenings in the pub with his fiends. But it means he can continue traveling between his parents houses every week. He’s technically still a child. Hooray for the summer baby.

b) my colleagues are great. They continue to work hard for the children at a distance. They’ve adapted their planning and connection to our children. The fabulous PE teacher Mr D has created a you tube channel with workouts for the whole school and wider community.


My fantastic job share and I learned how to record and upload stories and games for our class.


c) my friends are great! I’ve had a silly time connecting with them digitally. We’ve played games such as the classic ‘how many cushions can you balance on your head?’ game.

d) Don’t watch and read the news too much.

e) I’m a bit bored.

f) I need to get myself down to the woods. Luckily I can walk there from my home, so it’s my daily exercise.

g) Virtual communities are great. One of my favourites this week was a virtual song. Very sadly people were unable to attend a funeral. But as a tribute, people recorded a line each of a song.

What a wonderful, wonderful thing it was.

All the love x