And so it doesn't begin again...

We've enjoyed tonight's late night news watching with the teenage children of the house. It's odd that we gathered together to watch and discuss politics, but there you go- it is on the list of activities I didn't expect to be doing with my children, but New Year, new surprises and all that. It had something for all of us to ponder on.

So from tomorrow, we are not resuming meeting and supporting our lovely groups in the woods.

We had spent some productive times over the Yule period in the woods, which celebrates the coming of longer days and the return of the sun. Yule logs are burned in the fireplace to protect the home and bring good luck. We burned many a log in preparation for our new year and the lead up to Imbolc at the beginning of February.

We got all excited about the prospect of snow a few days ago, and although it was not forthcoming, the frost and bright sunshine was a welcome change from the north wind and rain. The weather has taken out a few trees in the woods and around the farm. We spent time observing changes on our daily outings. One birch tree fell close to our shed, but the new shelter stayed sturdy and safe throughout.

We've been planning on creating a larger wood store, so had fun on the run up to Christmas (when we were allowed to gather outside) scheming, chopping hazel poles, measuring, clearing and digging holes to create a wood store shelter.

We wove some more hazel hurdles and laid a small 'dead hedge' with the off cuts of twigs and branches. We handcrafted some pegs to hang bags and coats on and warmed ourselves with mulled, spiced wine, heated on our Yule log fire.

And when the New Year came, we didn't make resolutions, but reflected on what brilliant things we had the opportunity to engage in over the last year. And now we have a bit more time to reflect on intentions and ideas and dreams and visions for the coming year. Whatever they may turn out to be, they'll be in the woods for sure. Love and Blue skies to all xxx