Spending time connecting with nature

As we approach the impending changes in restrictions to our lives, we have been considering the importance of being in the woods for all. We are hoping to continue working with our groups, though have had to postpone our community tree planting event. The FSA has published a statement which covers Uk government guidance relevant to outdoor education settings (including Forest School)

The importance of time spent developing connections nature has been widely publicised in the past few years, backed up by an increasing wealth of research. This week the nature premium campaign was highlighted again with the director of the FSA stalling about the importance of it on BBC 4's Woman's hour. There are many brilliant articles and references out there if you want some further reading.

What best explains children's connections with nature?

Nature premium campaign

pathways to nature connectedness

People's engagement with nature

Learning through landscapes

Everyone needs nature

We read about a great project 'Green intervention and Dementia' (delivered by Circle of Life rediscovery) which highlights the possibilities of 'Green care'. This has inspired us to consider and investigate how we can facilitate projects in our woodland space in the future. We have been quietly scheming and planning future possibilities of ways in which the woodland space can be utilised to benefit different communities and bring groups of people together. By allowing access to the the woods for the benefit of well-being and mental health and benefit of connection with the natural world will encourage independence and resilience for all ages.

We have been lucky enough to have some donations to our CIC recently and this combined with our profit has allowed us to offer a funded space for our woodland sessions. We want to develop a model which supports removing finance as a barrier to access. At this time- where volunteering time in person is a challenge, but still wanting to help, we would value your support of our intentions. If you would like to learn more, then please follow our link below.

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