warmth at last

Finally a glimpse of blue skies behind the clouds....and some dappled sunshine in the woods...it is actually starting to feel just a tiny bit like summer today!

The grasshoppers were everywhere today...and most of the children managed to catch one for a close up look with their magnifying glasses before seeing them hop off again into the meadow. They also found a tiny frog, a black bird's egg and an incredible amount of butterflies in the bee and butterfly crop on the edge of the field.

The children went to see how well the trees they had planted were growing. The grass was so high, but due to all the rain we've had, the trees seem to be doing well. We have planned a day of tree tending in August, to cut back some of the competing grasses and mulch around the bottoms of the trees, to stop the grass growing so close to them. All ages are welcome- just bring a spade and some enthusiasm and we can have a day of nature connections, play and tree tending. Information and booking is here: https://www.sawpitwoods.co.uk/event-details-registration/friends-of-sawpit-woods

They then identified some of their trees and set about creating some medallions to label them, by drilling holes with palm drill in the disks they had designed and created. We will hopefully finish them next week and hang them, so the children have an extra form of connection and identification of their trees in the newly planted woodland.