Thursday Play

Today the children:

  • made tree identification tokens

  • drilled holes with palm drills to thread the discs

  • spotted butterflies and counted them for 'The Big Butterfly Count'

  • used magnifying glasses to investigate animal life in the woods

  • found a frog

  • designed butterflies

  • peeled sticks of their bark to mount their butterflies on

  • collected and sorted firewood

  • made and lit a fire

  • shaped and baked bread rolls

  • played games in the meadow

  • checked on their trees in their 'Children's Forest'

  • swung around in the trees

and generally busied themselves playing around in the woods and meadows

At the end of the day, the children all gathered to put out the fire and share their reflections about their experience:

"I liked finding butterflies"

"I liked making a is my imagination, it has lots of stripes and the inside is different to the outside, like the butterflies we saw"

"I liked the Red Admiral butterfly"

"I liked the caterpillars on the stinging nettles"

"I loved the tiny frog"

"I liked making the fire, it was tricky, but I helped the other children when I had done mine"

"The bread rolls were tasty! I had two"

"Playing with my friends on the swing was good, we took turns pushing each other"

"I liked taking down the hammock"