The last day of Summer

As the Equinox arrives, so has Autumn and the rising morning mist. Momentarily the night and day are equal. As of tomorrow, we head into the season of fruitfulness and increasing darkness and readiness for another year.

We enjoyed the last day of the sun and warmth today, starting early to prepare in the woods.We met with our new group of parents and small people to connect with each other and nature.

We have read about nature connection recently and found an interesting insight, which talks about positive pathways to nature connectedness, through activities that involve:

  • Senses

  • Emotion

  • Beauty

  • Meaning

  • Compassion

With this in mind we took our senses and buckets and trolleys and we trundled down the hill to the woodland space, collecting crab apples and acorns along the way. The dry woodland floor was great for the crawlers to explore and rummage in. And the large log rolling busied us for a few moments and made us feel successful and content in our physical activity.

We played with clay paint, creating a collective painting of mud, pattern and hand prints. And we explored and pottered. We talked of sallows leaving at the end of summer and made a birds nest and found an understanding that all of the children had a different idea and approach to the nesting toy birds. We giggled at our attempts at throwing and catching the birds together.

We swung in hammocks and made wood slice 'sandwiches', which were delicious if we do say so ourselves!

There was time for a snack of farm grown apples and a witter and some time under and on top of the parachute, admiring the beauty of the sunlight through the trees and the fabric.

The children said they 'like the hammock", so it will be back out for them next week. We might try some clambering on logs also and do whatever and go wherever else the children and their ideas take us.

Please get in contact if you would like to come along. Tuesday mornings from 9.15-11am.

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Happy children, Happy Summer, Happy Autumn, Happy Equinox.