Springtime play

With the sun upon us we set off for our final holiday adventure in the woods.

Today was a day of games and play. The children made up their own game similar to 'the floor is lava' trying to circumnavigate the log circle. Where there were big gaps they foraged for logs and branches to complete their challenge of not touching the floor.

Whilst out collecting woods for a fire, they got distracted by the stream and spent all morning damming, bridge building, den building and tree climbing.

Some children lit a fire with sparks and char cloth and then set out decorating bowls. They had been donated to Sawpit Woods from a friend and the children chose trees and animals from their experience and some books to decorate them with.

After lunch was time for nature connection games and some tree tending. Learning about the newly planted trees, we explored our new 'Children's Forest' and watered them, whilst a robin looked on and a buzzard circled overhead.

The children's reflections today were:

I liked jumping the stream with sticks

I liked lunch and decorating my bowl

I loved damming the stream

I liked watering the trees

I loved my den!

We have loved it all!

We are running sessions during the summer holidays, so look forward to some more creativity, play and tree tending with the lovely children in the woods.