Shelter Building

After a couple of weeks of scheming, planning, clearing, measuring, sawing, fixing, thinking, pondering, chin rubbing, and general preparing, we met in the woods with friends and family for the 'barn raising' day of shelter construction.

After receiving a grant from the Nineveh Trust, we have been able to install a more robust and semi permanent shelter, to use to facilitate our forest school sessions throughout the year.

Because of such brilliant preparations the frame went up beautifully simply. By lunchtime, it was sunk and dug in safely and braced beautifully. There was time for a quick fire to warm the workers over lunch time. then it was on to the lifting of the roof.

At over 20kg, the tarpaulin was a heavy and fiddly beast to raise onto the 4m high frame. With a combination of discussion and contemplation, we managed to get it up, tightened, fixed and secured. And so we now have a new shelter!

A massive thanks and love to all of those involved in the grant application, design and planning, construction! We can't quite believe it is up and ready. We can't wait for the next stage of the project, to make some seating and then put in a tap for running water provision in the woodland site.

And to use and enjoy the space with all the lovely children, adults and families through the coming weeks, months and years.

Sunday success!