Forest School Day!...(and this week in the woods)

Last Friday was the 4th Annual Forest School Day. We spent all week in the woods celebrating this by being out in the woods with 6 different groups, each sharing the things they loved doing as part of their forest school experience.

We have had cold Autumn mornings, gentle sunny afternoons, falling leaves, emerging fungi and connecting in the woods.

Lots of 'leaf kebabs' were made, by spotting, selecting and squeezing fallen leaves on sticks.

We made some hoops from willow and hazel and used them as frisbees and then mobiles to hang leaves from.

We melted beeswax and dipped our chosen fallen leaves to preserve them, then threaded and hung them from our wooden hoops.

Some children planted some sweet and horse chestnuts in pots to nurture into saplings.

Some felt the cold woodland floor beneath their bare feet and tiptoes back to the comfort of the hammock for a swing.

Some children created their own immersive game of sticks and territories.

We took rubbings of some of the trees as we learned to identify the trees from their seeds and bark.

We have all celebrated Forest School day, by spending another brilliant day in the woods. And we will continue to do this each and every day we are out there together #forestschoolday