June woodland wetness

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

This last weekend we spent time meeting with the local East Sussex Forest School Association group. We met in the woods to discuss our practice and different settings and their successes and challenges. One of the discussions was based on the 6 principles of Forest School and how we as practitioners aspire to meet these principals as an ideal.

The discussion allowed us to dig deeper and discuss how we all facilitate and strive to do our best at providing year round, holistic, woodland based opportunities, led by a qualified and reflective practitioners, which enable participants to take supported risks in a way that supports learner centered process to create a community for development and learning.

Refreshed by the chance to reflect and consider our practice, we set off to the woods in the unseasonal wet and rain, which supported #internationalmudday perfectly!

Our community grew this week to include two teenagers. They are volunteering; one as part of their Duke of Edninburgh award, the other as work experience during their post exam summer. They enriched all of our experiences in the woods, by supporting new connections and showing the value of having all vertical ages together in the woods for the benefit of all.

So this week, as new friendships were forged there was further exploration of the:

mud, stream, bridge, tools, plants, moss, fungi, bugs and fire. And we all gained a little more resilience from being out and about in the rain.