Farewell to the summer

The children had their final fling in the woods today. They all continued their activity and individual fascinations from previous sessions. There was acorn collecting and colouring, bridge surfing, crab apple throwing, river watching, gate climbing, potion mixing, recipe writing, sawdust castle making, sawing, firelighting, den building, swinging, falling, getting back up again, blackberry foraging, sky watching, rain avoiding and gossiping around the fire.

We finished the day by talking about the FSA's Nature Premium campaign. They are calling for a Nature Premium to fund regular nature experiences for every child.

"We believe that the Nature Premium would improve children’s mental and physical wellbeing after lockdown and demonstrate a positive investment in their future development as part of the Green Recovery" - Lily Horseman, Chair of the Forest School Association

The children agreed that being in the woods was great and talked about what they liked about their times in the woods. They shared their favourite things in discussions with their friends during our afternoon stroll.

Thanks to ALL of the children who have come and played in the woods this summer. It has been BRILLIANT in so many ways. It has been so fantastic, that we are doing it all again in the October Half Term holidays! Get in touch if you'd like a space. Can't wait to see you soon. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.