Easter Holiday sessions

Despite the rain and the spring breeze, we've had a great week in the woods this Easter Holidays. It was fun to push all the rainwater off the top of the shelter to start our day!

From collecting wood and filling the wood store, to lighting fires and toasting hot cross buns and boiling the kettle. We've collected wild garlic and made garlic butter for our fire baked bread and as an addiction to our foraged green soup.

We've boiled and decorated eggs, found wild bird eggs and feathers and swung around on swings.We've used peelers and knives to practise whittling skills.

We've planted some more bulbs for next year and tended and measured our saplings in our Children's Forest.

We've played games and identified trees and been on adventures through the woodlands and along the river and fields and looked at fallen trees and found signs of animal action.

And crawled up the hill after the end of a brilliant day in the woods! Happy Easter!