Busy doing nothing

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I've mainly been busy doing nothing. I did spend time at school tidying, sorting and shredding old papers. It's not the same without the children there. I soon got bored rattling round the classroom on my own so went back to quiet isolation at home.

I took a stroll to the postbox to send off some treasure for an upcoming 18th birthday. On the way I tried to spot as many wildflowers as I could. It's a short half mile and it was pretty amazing to see how many flowers there are in the first week of April.

I found stitchwort, wild strawberry, blackthorn, Allium Triquetrum, cow parsley, primrose, gorse, dandelion, celandine, vetch, bluebells, violets and green alkanet- although it's not green, it's clearly blue. I found a website with much better pictures to help me out as new flowers emerge.


I painted the garden walls to match the sky. Now I'm busy doing nothing again.