Blustery Woodland Wednesday

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The gusts of wind circled round the tree tops today, but we were sheltered beneath the canopy and only felt a few spots of drizzle and falling leaves and acorns.

Once the children had collected wood, they showed fantastic confidence in firelighting. The fire was used to bake a loaf of bread, which was delicious with jam.

Their creative ideas played out with them all today. There was independent swing building and great balancing and swinging going on with the slack line, hammocks, swings and trees.

Yesterdays den was developed, with a new structure forming, complete with log seating, signs and an inventive entrance in the form of a limbo pole! The children worked together to problem solve how to create their den and which tools and resources they needed to connect the wooden structure together. They sourced their own string and drills and charcoal to add details to their imaginative work. Then everyone had a go at limboing under their pole on the way off to count butterflies for 'The Big Butterfly Count'.

There was time for some games in the field and a challenge of who could climb onto a bale...not as easy as it looks!