Autumn Adventures

We welcomed new faces to our 'Stay and Play' group. The rain blew away as we gathered. There was fire starting, leaf throwing, broom making, sweeping, stories, hot tea and painting and parachute fun. We are hoping to continue in future weeks (click here for link to our latest understanding of parent and toddler groups), but we will need to keep reading and researching new guidance and legislation to ensure that we are doing the right thing. Tomorrow it comes out aparently. Watch this space.

We had the first of our trees delivered from The Woodland Trust today. Due to this weeks shift in our logistics and lives, we've had to postpone the wider community tree planting event. We have tucked up the trees snuggly in a pile of manure, ready for when we can physically be a 'community' again.

Our trusty adventurers from our after school club made a start at planting an initial strip of hazel, which will hopefully develop into a new woodland edge. They learned how to dig, plant and protect the saplings with small tree guards. Everyone planted a sapling as the sun started to set. The hazel will be developed into a hedge in the future, so we went for spacing them 50cm apart and making a double line of the saplings, to have a thick hedge.

Then we explored the woods as the sun set behind the trees. There was much excitement working out head torches and exploring the stream. We tried to complete a hand washing machine with just the light of a torch, which was mightily impressive. A fantastic first sunset adventure. We can't wait till next week!