April showers bring May flowers.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We are greatly missing the sessions in the woods and all of the fabulous children we usually share the space with every week. The small moments of wonder and joy, exploration and adventure, creativity and activity are still put on hold. We get to have these moments with our own small people, but miss our wider community.

We've spent the time continuing our exploration of the trees and plants of the woods.With the help of friends and family, who have been sending us pictures, we've created our own 'Plant of the day' and 'April Wildflower Bingo'. And we're also exploring what resources are out there in the digital online world.

There has obviously been more time to fill, so we've spent time being inspired by others. A collection of artists have created a downloadable resources https://firstsite.uk/download-artist-activity-pack/ Bob and Roberta Smith inspired us to get creating with what we have at home. We've emptied, tidied and cleaned drawers and cupboards. And created trees with the contents and paraphernalia. It's not paying the rent, but keeping us busy and engaged!

And it's started to pour with rain today, so hopefully, as the old saying goes... April showers will bring May flowers.