Woodwork Tuesday

It was all about working with wood today in the woods. After starting a cracking fire, the children had a go at axing some wood with an axe and a mallet to add to the warmth. They had a go at sawing wood to length to spilt it and we cut some willow and the fire transformed it into charcoal. There was some hazel weaving to get stuck into, to create a new screen or fence for our woodland space.

The middle of the day gave us time to plan out the space for a new piece of woodland we are planting. Hopefully we can get some of our Woodland Trust trees put in in the next couple of weeks. We spotted some ladybirds out and about and a huge bumblebee.

At the end of the day, the group continued the wood sawing and splitting by torch light. There were some candle holders to decorate with some chocolate wrappers, which gave our space a gorgeous welcoming glow in the darkness.

Some of the things the children enjoyed today were:



"looking up from the woodland floor"

"weaving hazel and banging wood down"

"painting with clay"

"playing with my friends in the dens in the dark"

"making lanterns"

"being in the woods for the whole afternoon...we are really lucky to do that with our friends"

It is fantastic to see the children's emerging confidence in following their ideas in the woodland. And the developing skills of fire lighting, climbing, using tools and them generally just getting stuck in with whatever it is that they want to do. Can't wait till next week!