Tremendous Tuesday Tree Planting

In collaboration with The Children's Forests, today we set off on a great tree planting adventure, to continue the process here in Sawpit Woods of planting a forest for the future.

The children created, explored, listened, observed, ignited fires, sung, dug, explored, climbed, planted, swung, imagined, painted, sculpted, planted, watered, wished, tended, staked, protected, played, ate, drank, chatted, were chilled and then warmed around fires and generally planted the seeds in their imaginations and grounded realities of a forest for their collective futures.

Oak, silver birch, rowan, hawthorn, hazel and crab apple trees were planted with a wish each from the children, after imagining how their forest will grow and support animals and life in the future.

A massive thanks to Anna Richardson form The Children's Forests for her brilliant collaboration with our day. And to marvellous Maddie for her excellent painting support skills for our mandala of imagination in the woods. We thank the wonderful Em and Finn for their enthusiasm and encouragement to us all and as usual to Natalie for the quiet observation, care and quick photography.

We can't wait for the next step of our forest planting tomorrow and for the growth from our initial efforts today into an amazing woodland of the future for all the children