Starting out

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

First day of work involved driving to the airport at 4.30am. I then let in the plumber to fix the hot water tank. It sprung a leak in the winter holidays.

I only discovered this when the home phone started beeping intermittently at 5am. It was cross at the water dripping onto it through the ceiling plasterwork. Feeling pretty brilliant it aimed itself at the phone and not the carpet. I wouldn’t have noticed and it would have been a whole different story, involving letting in not only plumbers, but plasterers and decorators.

Child 2 and I spent a grand morning evading Geography lessons and any real work. We were shuffled from orthodontic consultants, to x-ray departments, to medical photography and back again. She’ll soon have her teeth straightened up it seems. The NHS is truly brilliant.

I caught up with my parents for afternoon coffee in the farmhouse.

I found a primula flowering in the garden. A beauteous and welcome splash of colour on a dull January day.

I collected lots of papers for my tax return and posted it to the accountant. After 10 years in the classroom every day it feels liberating to be out and about during the day!

I made a plan to make a plan for a vegetable patch with the elder brother. We walked the fields and outdoor spaces which separate our homes. We talked of starting a growing project. Raised beds, trees, veg and herbs. So we are going to meet again on Sunday.

I spent the evening in the digital world with the girl children of the house. They are proving to be great digital masters and a crack support team for me. I knew there was a reason for having so many children. They can provide free digital support for an emerging enterprise.

I published my website and shared it with my friends and the world it seems.