P is for Preparation

and parking, planning and pootling around. We've been having lovely lazy days in the sunshine hanging out with the teenagers and a few of their passing friends at a distance. We've helped the offspring cobble together an old separates music system after a developing interest in old records has emerged during lockdown. And after lots of rooting around in the drawer of old cables, which took a while, we've managed to get an old record player hooked up and playing. Time to dust off and dig out old vinyl and share some of our old favourite tunes. Meanwhile it means that whilst they are busy being teenagers, we can get on with preparations for next week.

One of the treats of living on a farm, is the copious amounts of stuff that is collected, because one day it might just come in useful. Farmers have always been masters of reusing and recycling and have large sheds and barns of stuff that might come in handy , or fall off the shelf and crush you! And we've definitely inherited the trait of collecting tat. So after a bit of rifling around it did't take long to find some old bits of wood, an old kitchen cupboard and some chalk board paint to create some parking and direction signs for the families coming next week.

As we are only having small numbers in our groups, they have all sold out....!!! which is brilliant after months of not being able to play in the woods with others. After booking and admin time involved, we subsequently investigated online booking systems, and might have worked it out?! So next time, we can try to be a bit more modern in our approach to organising sessions- who knows?!

Our long distant art degree (which someone once called a BA (Hons) in cutting and sticking!) has come in useful for a bit of sign writing. One day we'd like a hand carved creation, but until then, it's up to us to create and produce. We've got no idea whether the paint is waterproof or not, but we guess time will tell.

For now, it's good enough- or we hope so- we'll soon see if people can find us or not!