Our start to the year

We have spent the beginning of the year continuing our playing and learning outside and reflecting and planning for the coming months. There has been frost and cold and darkness and rain and wind, along with the increasing light through the leafless canopy.

At one site we work at, the light has been greater due to the winter hazel coppicing, which has led the children to question and learn.

"Why is it so much lighter"?

"Why is the wood left in piles"?

"What lives in the piles of wood"?

We have told stories, thought about animal homes and how they live in the woodland. We have learned how to identify different animals from their tracks. We have looked at the tracks carefully to learn about what the tracks tell us about the animals which made them. And the children have made tracks of their own. We've also used the coppiced hazel to make animal identification necklaces and some brilliant log dogs and bows and arrows!

As Imbolc has come and gone on 31st Jan, we are emerging from the darkness and looking towards the to the coming of Spring.

Imbolc is a fire festival that celebrates the home and the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It was time to celebrate the warmth we have inside our homes, whilst observing the dark and cold days outside becoming continually lighter. So as we approach the coming of spring we can celebrate that our fires and connections at home, and in our local Forest School community, have brought us to find some wonderful new people to come and support us at our weekly After School Club from after February Half term and for our Holiday Clubs throughout the year.

Have a look at our "About Us' page to find out about our brilliant new supporters in the woods.

So BOOKING IS NOW OPEN for our After School Clubs, Parent and Child stay and Play and we have set diary dates for all of our Holiday Clubs for the coming year. All of the dates, info and booking is on our website.

The bluebells are pushing through the woodland floor, hazel catkins are swinging in the breeze and around the farm daffodils and primroses are shining some yellow warmth from the cold ground. So hold onto your hats for the coming and passing of storm Eunice and we'll hopefully see you on the other side!