making outside

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It's only a week to go before the end of term....! Always an exciting time for those of us that spend out lives working and living with small people. This week we've taken to making and creating outside with some children for who are still learning at a distance from school. They've collaged with leaves and sticks, drawn plants and pets in their gardens, made mobile constructions and learned to tie knots and had a go at paper folding. The paper folding led to racing paper frogs very competitively and then filling and throwing water bombs! Not part of the initial plan, but a child led experience for sure. Three hours went by in a flash and we were all busily immersed, engaged and enjoying the sunshine and shade outside.

It was a great chance to get excited about the prospect of spending whole days together in the woods in a couple of weeks. We schemed and planned the things we could make, inspired by todays session. There was talk of making dens and camps, climbing, adventuring and using tools to make bows. " What we get all day? Not just the morning- Cool!" It is great that the children have already planned some of what they might like to do and that we've got a heads up on what resources we might need to facilitate their scheming.

There are still some spaces left, so if you would like to book a session, then please email us for more details: