Falling leaves

Forest School strives to foster resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. And it aims to inspire a sense of awe and wonder about the world we are connected to and part of.

The sharp light highlighted thousands of delicate spider webs in the grass on our walk to the woods this week, which amazed us all.

We talked of compass directions and in which parts of the woodland certain aspects were relative to us..."The stream is in the West". Then some children used tools in the dark to start to build a more permanent bridge across the stream!

We wondered at oak galls on fallen leaves. And laughed at many leaves falling on our heads!

We created fireworks images with paint and cow parsley. The smallest children used pastel chalks to mark make and create fireworks pictures with.

We saw resilience of children who were out in the darkness of the woods for the first time.

We used fire strikers to practise our firelighting skills in the darkness.