As we start this new year, we are thinking back and reflecting on where we are, where we have come from and maybe where we are going. Mainly it is down to the woods to play, but it is also good to take a step back and see it all from a different view. So here is some of what we have been up to...

  • It is 34 years since Forest School Camps started coming and Learning through Adventure in the field and the woods

  • It is 6 years since we started bringing local primary and pre school children to the woods

  • It is 2 years since we co-found Sawpit Woods CIC

Due to the impact of Covid- 19 lockdowns, we got off to a slow start.

But look how far we’ve come in the last year!

  • We have run 14 session days of Holiday Clubs

  • This has reached 61 children from 36