Here is some feedback we have had...

"Hi, I was just reading your Autumn equinox blog on the website, it’s great to hear and see what you’ve been up to. Thank you for the complementary mention of my daughter, she loved it last week thank you."

"I wanted to thank you for the mental health resources you shared here: sawpitwoods.co.uk/post/may-play-and-mental-health. Good stuff!! I'm currently writing an essay for college about Mental health at the workplace, and this was very helpful."

"My son is over the moon! As these weeks have gone by he has been enjoying it more and more and is really looking forward to Tuesday now."

I’m so grateful to you for having him, it’s such a great opportunity and I think he’s getting loads out of it already.

"After the session he was telling me about making fires, painting with berries, that he saw “fill male” pheasant 🤣 on the after school club version he was super excited the first time he walked from school. Told me about the adventure going over the park and in the gate to a secret path that was over 2 more gates and then you’re at forest school den."

"Thanks you so much for today. Both my two had a great time and have been talking about it all afternoon. They are very proud of their sticks, tie die and den building skills…and of course the sawing! They do Forest School at their school, but they said this was better! Hopefully we can join another time."

"Just want to say thank you for my sons first day at forest school today. He had a brilliant day and hasn’t stopped talking about it since I picked him up. I was skeptical at first, as he’s still so little and everyone was new to him, but he’s asked to go again so I know I made the right decision. Even the torrential rain today didn’t spoil the fun 💙🌳🍂🌧🐿🐞🐌🐛🦗🕷"

"Thank you so much for today a brilliant time was had by them all."

"Thank you so much for a good time. my son has had so much fun. We love seeing the pictures on the blog."

"He’s is already a happy confident kid, as he’s the youngest I was worried for a minute, but he’s not phased by it, he loves the big boys. He always looks forward to going and asks how many sleeps, which makes me happy that he loves it this much."

"We loved it! Same time next year?!"

"Some wonderful exploring and creativity happening today at Sawpit Woods xx"

"Boys loved it as normal great job xxx"

"Our Log Dog had a shower when we got home, and is currently warming up in the airing cupboard because he is apparently a ‘house Log Dog’ 😉"

"Look at our boys they all had so much fun thank you 
#sawpitwoods 💕💕💕💕"

In a recent survey our children gave it an average rating of...

9.3 out of 10!

"Want to do a massive thank you to Lou and Nat on this half term the boys have had a brilliant fantastic time can’t wait for the next thank you again xxx"